Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TWF 205: Freeport Actress Justine Cotsonas in "Double Crossed!"

Hey, Freeport,

First of all, let me just say that, no, I wasn't really bought out by The Patch.  I wish!  I used them as an April Fools Joke because, frankly, there is no reason The Patch doesn't have an outpost in Freeport.  We're twice as populated at Merrick, pretty much, but we don't have one.  Why?  Cuz we're not "gentrified" enough, is my guess.  But maybe you can prove me wrong!  Maybe you can mail their administration, or something; tell them I would make a great professional journalist, getting paid to make a real Freeport newsletter or something...


Freeport Actress Justine Cotsonas in a new web series!

In keeping up with Freeport artists and actresses, Justine Cotsonas - a high school friend of mine who has seen action on As The World Turns, as well as Law and Order SVU - is featured in a new online series called "Double Crossed."  She's got second billing, which is a pretty big deal considering the series has already gone on for three episodes.  I'd encourage everyone to check it out and support her latest career move - we've shown a lot of mutual support in the community, recently, and let's keep it up!

Image courtesy of Facebook
I've always made a habit out of supporting the Freeport artists I know and grew up with, but I know there are plenty more, out there!  Do you have a band that's doing a gig?  Let me know!  Are you a performer in a theater?  Hey, I'm in!  Did you write a book, lately, and want to spread the news?  Well, I don't mind promoting my competition!  *wink*

So, congrats to Justine for having an awesome new role, and congrats to Freeport for having such bona-fides in the art world!