Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freeport MCs Nice and Ill win the “Faces in the Crowd” Showcase!

Aside from being a home for both athletes and writers, Freeport has a history steeped deeply in the art of music. From Guy Lombardo to Lou Reed, musicians have been born in this Village and gone on to great things. Three of Freeport's younger musicians, collectively known as "Nice and Ill," took one step closer to greatness on Wednesday, July 20th, when they won the “Faces in the Crowd” Showcase, in Times Square.

Chris Mills, Joey Jack, and Jason Yarde form this powerful rapping trio. Chris Mills has already been interviewed in depth by a friend of mine, Amanda Stevens, but in light of this stunning victory I was able to sit down with Joey and Chris and get their thoughts on the victory.

"The thing that made us stand out was stage presence," Mills said of their performance. Their song, "She's smokin'," wowwed the crowd quickly. The rappers claimed the support of sixty of their fans, including the vital "beautiful girls wearing Nice and Ill shirts" demographic, was essential in pushing them to the top.

"I thought we were gonna come in Third," Joey said, acknowledging the competition was fierce. By winning the competition, Nice and Ill has the opportunity to join the ranks of rappers like Maino, lyricists who also won this contest. They'll have a huge chunk of help from Reality, the Universal Records worker who will be helping to produce their next track. They're also going to be featured on Digiwax, a world-wide disk jockey network with over sixty thousand DJ's, each of which can listen to and sample their tunes. They also get free studio time to work on their next single, and will be headlining the next competition. They'll lastly be on the "What's Hood" DVD that will be in Best Buy and other stores nationwide.

Overall, Chris summed it up best with a classic line: “No drama, Nice and Ill, all fun.” You can grab their contest-winning track, "She's smokin'," at ITunes, or at