Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Weekly Freeporter Visits Halftime Howie!

Hello, Freeport!

I've probably already said this before, but on Tuesday I stopped into the Halftime Howie show on WGBB 1240 AM!

I only have a small piece of Howie's hour to myself, a few minutes at most, but I tell folks how I got into writing. Following that, I break into my reasons for starting The Weekly Freeporter itself. Its short but sweet!

Check it out by clicking this link! If you want to fast forward to see me, scroll to the seven minute mark (7:00).

Now then! If you like it and would like to see me back on to talk more about it and hyper-local journalism in general, might I suggest a plan? Lets make this their most watched, liked, and commented-on Youtube video ever! Get to commenting! I already started off on my new Youtube account, one that I've got big plans for in conjunction with my Liberty Free Media project.

Thanks for your continued support!

Plus, a -huge- shout out to Eddie Digital for introducing me!