Friday, August 25, 2017

TWF 278: Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Greetings friends,

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to reflect for a moment on Hurricane Sandy in light of Hurricane Harvey approaching Texas, today.  Back in 2012, The Weekly Freeporter was active in posting on Facebook and this site.  Since then, I've always taken an ear towards reporting severe weather.  Well, Harvey is a Category 4 storm.  That's no joke - it's stronger than Sandy was, although it lacks the Nor-Easter pushing back against it.

I would hope that all of Long Island united to lend some help to our friends in Texas.  We've been where they're about to be (and they, too, have suffered this in the past; look up the Galveston Hurricane), and we want to make sure support is given.  With that said, these eight congressmen shouldn't be asking for help for their areas, seeing as they voted against Sandy.  But, that's not on their constituents.

Here are some last-minute tips for those of you still in this disaster's path.

 - First off, get out if you're asked to get out; take your pets with you if you have to.
 - If you still have time and you can't get out, one idea is to run your tap-water now and fill up bathtubs, buckets, and the rest so you have clean drinking water.
 - Get your important documents together at home so you're prepared for the coming insurance trouble. Stay the heck inside; don't go out and get caught in a gale.
 - Charge your electronic devices - cell phones are not necessarily reliable communication for the first couple of days, if the power goes out to the tower, but you'll want to be able to check your network and once it's back up you'll want an emergency portable device if you wind up in an emergency shelter.
 - Get a "go bag" together if you have no other options.

Don't, above all else, sit around waiting. It's you versus nature at this point. Don't let nature win.