About TWF

Hello! This is meant to be a descriptive page about The Weekly Freeporter! To keep it short, The Weekly Freeporter is an independent blog operated by Jesse Pohlman.  This is a picture of me taken by my lovely girlfriend, Carol Moravcik!

I've been a resident of Freeport, New York, for twenty five years; which of course means I've been a resident since my birth.  I've been involved in the Village since I became a lifeguard at the Freeport Recreation Center in 2001, and I've had contact with literally hundreds of residents in that capacity as well as in a personal setting.  I speak to others, they speak to me, and there is information exchanged and improved all around.

That's the main reason why The Weekly Freeporter was founded, it could be said.  Freeport is experiencing an exponential growth in community activism, with new civic associations forming and Facebook groups spreading the word about how the Village is progressing.  Some are happy, some are not, but all have a stake in the Village's future.  In order to share information about the Village, as well as provide a record of the debate (and not, necessarily, to be engaged in it myself), I took the name "The Weekly Freeporter" which a friend of mine and I once kicked around and made this blog.

TWF, as its shortened to, therefore exists as a primarily non-partisan entity dedicated to reporting on events and the stated reasons behind them.  While its inevitable that I will express an opinion on some of the issues confronting Freeport (one notable example being my thoughts on the Nautical Mile Festival), I will do my best to offer not arguments but suggestions.  If something is unusual it will be noted as such, but assumptions will not be drawn based on a political agenda.  When a statement is made to The Weekly Freeporter, it will be unedited and presented at face value.  If further examination of the context is required, all attempts will be made to do so from both sides of the issue.

TWF hopes to interview residents, politicians, and business owners of all political slant and background, in order to better capture the dynamics of the Village.  All interested parties are invited to contact me at your leisure; similarly, I will try to contact those whose story is most pressing to what is currently going on.  TWF will try (but makes no guarantees) to answer all comments submitted by readers at the end of our articles.  At the same time, however; advertisements, rude/disrespectful/threatening comments, or otherwise undignified posts may be deleted at TWF's sole discretion - repeated attempts to make such commentary will likely lead to the offending user's banning from commentary, our Facebook page, or what-have-you.

Thank you to all who have chosen to trust TWF as a source of information and insight about the Village, and I wish you all my absolute best.