Weekly Freeporter "TV"

The Weekly Freeporter TV was established in early 2012 as an attempt to film, whenever possible, Village proceedings and issues. As of the date of this page's publication, 3/10/2012, it is still heavily in a "beta test," where we are trying to master the techniques of video editing and Youtube publication.

The Weekly Freeporter's official Youtube Channel is, fittingly, "The Weekly Freeporter." The long-and-short story of its inception begins during a rather raucous Board of Trustees meeting. TWF TV's executive producer, Jason Bass, decided to film TWF's Editor-In-Chief Jesse Pohlman during his first-ever turn speaking at Public Comment, and he filmed some other stuff, too.

As one might expect from a first attempt, the footage was sideways and muted, mainly because it was recorded on a smartphone.

Improvement, however, is essential to progress; and improvement sometimes comes quickly! Already we have non-crooked footage and proper sound! Whenever possible, TWF TV will be present to observe and record meetings that take place.

If you have a suggestion for an event to be filmed, please post it on The Weekly Freeporter's Official Facebook page, or contact its Editor-In-Chief or Executive Producer!