Sunday, February 26, 2017

TWF 275: Green Party Meeting at Freeport Memorial Library, Mon 2/27, 7:30 PM

Greetings, Freeport!

Just a quick event update for you all:  The Green Party of Nassau County will be meeting at the Freeport Memorial Library at 7:30 for it's regularly-scheduled membership meeting.  According to the applicable brief, upcoming elections and other activities are up for discussion.  If you're interested, kindly check them out!  The reason I post this is that you don't usually hear about these kind of meetings, and they especially don't often happen in Freeport!

For other parties, check out the Nassau County Democratic Party website and Facebook Page, as well as the Nassau County Republicans.  (If you're wondering; why, yes, I think both have crappy webpages and need to get a better online presence)

This is not an endorsement of the Green Party or any other party or candidate.

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